General Information

Open economy policy in Thailand has been responsible for a strong growth in exports in recent years.

The major export markets are USA country., Japan, the European Union and ASEAN, while new markets include China, South Asia, Africa and Latin America. To help increase the value of its exports, Thailand has negotiated free trade agreements with Australia, China, India, Japan, New Zealand, Peru and ASEAN have led to many more opportunities to do business with Thailand. Negotiations for a free trade agreement with Chile are waiting to be completed soon.

Export Diversity

Diversity has become an essential ingredient of Thai exports, with emphasis on "supply in one place" of raw materials in the regions of Thailand, Mekong Subregion Great and throughout Southeast Asia.

BUSSINESMAN1These have become a wide variety of value added products including processed foods and frozen agricultural products, electronics, appliances, furniture, fashion garments and textiles, auto parts and accessories, etc.. Look for the symbol of "Thailand Brand" as a hallmark of Thai exports.


International Activities
The Thai industry also has a great demand worldwide.

Four key businesses have been very well established in Thailand: Restaurants, Thai Spas, health industry and international education, while new industries such as architectural design, construction, auto repair, entertainment, printing and other industries are developing content to meet demand beyond borders. International Department officials Promotion of International Trade provide general information about the Thai commerce products and services, while the joint venture organization provides networking opportunities with Thai businessmen.

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