Thailand’s Automotive Industry

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Thailand’s economy has shown record impressive growth over the past decade. The combination of a sound economic foundation and renewed growth makes this vibrant Southeast Asian economy fertile ground for future automotive investments. 

The automotive industry is a vital sector for the country’s economy as it contributes greatly to exports and trade inflows. It is Thailand’s second-largest export industry, after computer parts and components. Thanks to continuous government-led support, automotive has evolved into an industry with vibrant foreign original equipment manufacturer (OEM) competition and an extensive network of supporting industries. Thailand’s long experience with automotive manufacturing has equipped the country with a comparatively low-cost yet experienced labor force for the sector.....


Food Industry in Thailand “Kitchen of the World”


An abundance of natural resources combined with significant investments in technology, food safety R&D and adhering to international quality standards have helped to dub Thailand as the “Kitchen of the World.” As the largest sole net food exporter in Asia, Thailand is one of the world’s largest producers of food products such as rice, canned tuna, frozen seafood, chicken and canned pineapple.

Thailand’s Electrical and Electronics Industry

1Constituting a nearly US$60 billion sector,  Thailand’s electrical and electronics industry  has thrived and expanded continuously for  almost three decades. Throughout the years, the  electrical and electronics industry has not only played an increasingly important role in the nation’s economy as  a major export earner, but has also positioned Thailand  as the regional leader in Southeast Asia. Recognizing the sustainable development of the electrical and electronics industry as a priority for the Kingdom, the Thai Government has launched proactive investment policies and measures, which have attracted investments from many multinational companies and led the industry to prosperity in Thailand.

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