The taste of Thailand cooking is easy to identify: lemon, grass and fish sauce, coriander, galangal, garlic sweet basil and coconut milk all combine to make a harmony that is unforgettable. As is the look of the food: set out in a group of  small dishes  on which the ingredients  have been decoratively arranged, with vegetables carved as flowers, fish and meat arranged in neat patterns, tiny bowls of clear soup steaming beside a communal pot of fluffy rice.


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 Surprisingly, is has taken a long time for Thai cuisine to reach  the West  but now it has, the growth in its Thailand’s geographical location, reflected in its food, al a point half way between India and China that must appeal to the Western palate. But it is also the lightness of the food  and the way it corresponds to recent nutritional thinking that has made is so popular> meat, always without fat, makes up only  a small proportion of a Thai meal, the largest element  being quickly cooked vegetables that remain firm with  all their flavors preserved.

Thai food is seldom cooked for long and is always fresh. Every Thai is interested in food. Because we believe that live should be Sanuk or fun, the pleasures of eating are very important to us preparing food well and serving it beautifully is never a chore, perhaps because much of Thai cooking is very straight forward.  Few dishes take longer than eight or twelve minutes to cook. A Thai meal allows s the chef considerable style without having to disappear into the kitchen all evening. We love to have guest in Thailand but we like to be with them, not somewhere out of sight.   One word of warning, Thai food is addictive, you may not want to eat Thai food everyday but you will certainly want to return to it often.


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