Thailandis a major manufacturer of electronic equipment, including computer and camera accessories, all of which are commonplace in Thai shops and stores. From Panthip Plazato MBK, there are entire floors of stores in Bangkok devoted to selling electronic goods. While there are certainly good deals to be had on quality electronic goods, buyers should be aware that there are also many counterfeit products, such as iPods and DVDs. While selecting off-brand goods (often produced inChina) can seem incredibly cheap, like inexpensive counterfeit products these are typically produced with inferior parts and workmanship and will not have valid warrantees. Similarly, there are no guarantees for counterfeit CDs and DVDs, which, while nearly ubiquitous inThailand, are both illegal to purchase in Thailandand import into many citizen’s home countries.


While computer accessories, such as solid-state “flash” drives and memory card readers, can be purchased for very low prices, computer hardware, such as notebook computers, are typically not less expensive than in Singapore or many western countries, particularly theUnited States. However, custom built desktop computers can be purchased for very reasonable prices at venues such as Bangkok’s Panthip Plazaand Fortune Town. Buyers should be aware that computers purchased in Thailand are often bundled with unregistered copies of Windows and other software. As many of the components of desktop computers are manufactured inThailand, such home-made computers are far cheaper than buying pre-assembled computers in other countries.

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