Thai spas are the traditional way of preserving the welfare, and refreshing body, promoting balance of a healthy body and soul through the use of plants and herbs.

Thai Spa options to promote health include herbal steam rooms , massage, application of warm herbal compresses to relieve muscle stiffness and exercise , for example, yoga, stretching, Tai Chi, etc. based products plants, natural foods , herbs and meditation on traditional Thai medicine , all play their part in the Thai spa. These methods are complemented with the art of Western medicine.
History of Thai Wisdom

Thai life has always had strong ties with nature , especially with rivers and streams. Chaopraya River tributaries : Maeping , Maewang , Meadowsweet Maeyom and have always supported the Thai way of life , flowing through the heart of the UK and joining the Thais through Buddhism , and happy living in harmony with nature as one .

Water has always been a central component of Thai life . Hot springs and wells of pure mineral water can be found in the north and the south of Thailand , which our ancestors have always been used for health benefits . It has always been a symbol of Thai culture , for example, the Thai New Year Songkran Festival , water spreads as a way to carry out a blessing.

spa2Thai massage is a science that offers many benefits. This helps relieve the body over a period of injury or illness and relieves the pain can not be cured by injections or pills. Massage is an art and a science that has developed slowly over a long period of time. Stone carvings dating from the time of imaging techniques to locate Sukhothai massage as a way to preserve health. This heritage was extended to the Ayutthaya period and methods remain a vibrant part of modern Thailand.






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