Culture and Education

educacionDuring the past 30 years of relations, Thailand and Mexico have had cooperation agreements have been several exchanges in the fields of culture and education. These exchanges have an important role in strengthening and promoting closer contact and better understanding between both peoples.

In 2003, Mexico and Thailand signed two agreements in the area of education and culture which are in the Agreement between the Government of Thailand and the Government of Mexico concerning Cooperation on Culture and Education, and Technical Cooperation Agreement between the University Chulalongkorn of Thailand and the University of Colima in Mexico.

The Thai government has offered various technical cooperation programs with Mexico. As an example, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand has offered scholarships to officers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico to attend the first program Buakaew Latin America in 2005 and the second program Buakaew Latin America in 2006, or scholarship FEALAC member countries (Forum for East Asia and Latin America), including Mexico, in the areas of technical cooperation and development, including Mexico and in 2013 a MBA Scholarship to study at University of the Thai Chamber of Comerce.

In addition works directly with public and private institutions such as El  Colegio de Mexico, Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana, UDLA, Westhill College, Thailand Elementary School, among others, where by cultural events, cooking classes, lectures, academic exchanges and exhibitions the Thai culture spreads to Mexican students, giving them the opportunity to expand their knowledge about the  region of Southeast Asia.

Thailand Embassy in Mexico

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