The history of relations between Thailand and Mexico, we can assume that began from the 16th century via Spain and other countries who did business with Thailand. In other words, in 1598, when Mexico was under the rule of Spain and was called the Kingdom of New Spain, was the same era when Spain started the colonization of Asia, beginning to conquer the Philippines, sending Mr. Tello de Aguirre Special Envoy of the Philippines to Thailand to strengthen relationships and which signed the Agreement of Friendship and Trade between Thailand and Spain.

As testimony to this, during the reign of King Rama IV (1851-1868) in Thailand found a silver coin of Mexico. Since Mexico was the country’s largest silver producer in the world and exported large quantity of silver to China was the country with whom Thailand o trade. For this reason, during this period, extended the circulation of foreign currencies in Thailand. In 1857, entered into force the law to allow the use of foreign currencies as the currency that was used in Thailand but had problems of popular acceptance. Then he passed a law that sealed the Mexican silver coins stamped the monarchy and the crown over to grant permission for official use in Thailand.

Communication between Thailand and Mexico in ancient times was reflected in agricultural products who thought they had their origin in Mexico and are therefore essential to Thai cuisine. For example, chile, tomato, papaya and Mexican agricultural products are the Portuguese and the Spanish brought to several countries in Asia, including Thailand.

The Royal Thai Government and the Government of Mexico maintains diplomatic relations since the August 28, 1975. Then, in 1978, the Royal Thai Government established the Royal Thai Embassy in Mexico. At present, Thailandhas a trade office in Mexicoand Thailand Honorary Consulate in Monterrey. In turn, in 1983, the Government of Mexico has opened an Honorary Consulate of Mexico in Thailand and then from 1989, obtained the rank of ambassador of the United Mexican States in Thailand.

Thailand Embassy in Mexico

Adress: Paseo de las Palmas No.1610 Lomas de Chapultepec México D.F. 11000
Email: thaimex@prodigy.net.mx
Phone: (+52-55) 5540 4551, 5540 a 4529
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