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Not only does an essential precondition for sustainable progress of a nation rely on abundant financial resource, but the real wealth of a nation is cultivated from its “people”. High quality, knowledgeable, and capable people with accumulated experience, knowledge, and expertise are driving forces behind the national prosperity, creating a strong foothold amid the rapidly changing technologies and the global society.

Compared to other forms of investment, human resource development is the most sustainable and worthwhile investment. An organization staffed with high caliber, moral employees will have an edge on competitiveness, thereby bringing sustainable success to that organization according to the set goals.

As the success of an organization relies much on the potentiality of its staff, it always places great importance on human resource development to maintain high caliber staff who should also uphold high standards of decent behavior.



The technical assistance received from the more advanced countries in the past makes a great contribution to Thailand’s human development.

Thai personnel have gained knowledge, expertise and technological capabilities as well as accumulated bodies of knowledge and experience in national development for over forty years. This results in lifting up Thailand to the level that the country can now be self-reliant and equipped with personnel, experts,institutes, facilities and finance adequate for rendering assistance to other developing countries.

As a member of the world community, Thailand has linkages with other world economies, societies, cultures and politics. This condition makes Thailand recognize that a single country can not be isolated and interdependence is indispensable. Although Thailand has achieved a certain level of advanced development, many other neighbouring and developing nations are still in needs of external resource and foreign aid.


Thailand International Development Cooperation Agency as the Rayal Thai Government’s national focal point responsible for the administration of international development cooperation programme, has strived to provide development assistance or technical cooperation to other developing countries, in particular in human resource development. Such assistance or cooperation aims at enhancing capabilities of those countries’ personnel in the fields Thailand has expertise and capacity to assist, and at the same time, contributory to the partner countries’ development such as agriculture, education, public health and others. The assistance and cooperation are delivered through the transfer of knowledge, experience, expertise, sciences and technologies with the aim to provide the partner countries with maximum benefits. Apart from the contribution made to the partner countries’ development, the Thai personnel have an opportunity to enhance their own technical skills, help boost country’s reputation, and foster better understanding and international relationship with the development partners.


Annual International Training Courses Programme (AITC) is the collaboration between TICA and Thai agencies including educational institutions to organize annual international training courses in various fields which serve the needs of developing countries. The courses will be announced to over eighty countries through the Royal Thai Embassies and Consulate-General’s offices all over the world. Most participants are from Southeast Asia,  South Asia, Pacific Islands, and Africa. All expenses are borne by the Royal Thai Government.


Thai International Postgraduate Programme (TIPP) offers scholarships on various fields of study to government officials from other developing countries to study at Thai universities. All expenses are borne by the Royal Thai Government.

Third Country Training Programme (TCTP)

Third Country Training Programme (TCTP) is designed to provide training courses and study visits inThailand for participants from other developing countries with full financial support from foreign governments and international organizations such as UNDP, WHO, ILO, etc.


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