Art of the Kingdom

Arts and crafts play an important role in the unique identity of Thailand showing the traditions, lifestyles and history of the Kingdom.

ARTS1-300x180Transmitted from generation to generation , Thai handicrafts are full of intricate details , designs and methods that reflect the creativity and inventiveness of people . Her Majesty the Queen recognized the importance of this invaluable legacy and started the Foundation for Support to keep the traditional arts of the country, while providing a better quality of life for locals.

The Northeast is known for its silk , especially the famous silk matmi of Kkon Kaen province and Khit (raised embroidery) pattern cotton Chaiyaphum province . The remarkable basketry bamboo Ubon Ratchathani province shows people use natural resources to produce crafts for your everyday life. Products include cooking sticky rice , sticky rice containers and other types of baskets.

Beautiful models Khon masks found in the province of Ayutthaya and Bencharong hand painted porcelain Samut Sakhon province show details of traditional Thai culture in Central and Eastern Regions . Downtown Dolls Ban Bang Sadet Court in Ang Thong province shows the Thai culture and lifestyles through its clay dolls . The inhabitants of the province Phanat Nikhom Amphoe Chon Buri have the support of the Foundation for Support in the use of local bamboo to manufacture and export basketry products bambu.

Local South wisdom shown in Nang Talung ( shadow puppet play ) in the province of Phatthalung . Yan liphao is a type of vine that is very strong and durable . The miniature boats hua tang and coconut shell products in the province of Krabi are the close relations between the local people and their immediate surroundings.

The art of Thai wisdom.

Thai people are proud of their heritage and preserve national wisdom by transmitting the best - kept secrets of the next generations . Craftsmen , potters , weavers, brass artist or web designers , the only thing that unites them is that they are Thai.

Many live a quiet and simple life, grow their own food , weave their own clothes, and produce their own household tools of natural resources . Centuries of that lifestyle , along with devotion to his art, local wisdom makes a strong Thai cultural wonder that can be found throughout the country .

Each region of Thailand has its own unique identity which is reflected through its local wisdom . The materials and techniques used to produce the various regional crafts are different depending on the respective areas , cultures , ways of life and natural resources . The project A Production One Tambon ( OTOP ) was initiated to preserve this traditional knowledge and promote this valuable knowledge to national and international markets.

In the North , strong Lanna culture is reflected in crafts such as lacquer ware and silverware in the province of Chiang Mai. The fabric and clothing Phare Province and Chock embroidered, hand-woven Mo Hom, textiles edge of the province of Sukhothai, are good examples of the skills of the people of the north. Woodcarvings by the province of Chiang Rai and Lampang province are evidence of intricate carving skills in the area that may be on the front of the old teak houses and fence posts .

The wonders of Thai local wisdom can see and buy in the country . Visitors can watch demonstrations of manufacturing of local products in the Sai Exhibition Center , founded by the Queen in Ayuthaya province .

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