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Admitting Indian influences, and other Khmer, Thai Buddhist architects developed distinctive styles of roofs at various levels and towers reaching the sky.

 Harmoniously combining two seemingly paradoxical elements , extravagance and serenity , the style perfectly reflects the Thai soul. Although most early Thai buildings were built of wood and have disappeared , you can follow the history of Thai architecture in stone temples ..

Chinese influence , especially the use of porcelain fragments in various colors and decorations that add to the finest Thai architecture its harmonious and polychromatic effect can also be seen in the ornamental decoration. This art reached its peak during the first half of the nineteenth century.

Materials such as glass mosaic pieces highlighted gables and pillars , as well as wood and stucco figures , and other decorative techniques using lacquer , mother of pearl , gold leaf and porcelain fragments to obtain the desired effect and brilliant elegance .

In addition to religious structures , a distinctive style of domestic architecture , utilizing prefabricated panels hung on a framework of strong pillars and wooden pegs instead of nails was also developed . Various forms developed in different regions of the country , perhaps the best known is the style of the central plains , with their sloping roofs , decorated panels and the slight inclination of the walls, which gave a touch of elegant grace.

Like other forms of art in recent years, Thai architecture evolved with new industrial materials and example of pure functionalism of the machines. It seems that Thai architects are guided by Western principles of structure, plans and functionalism, so that their work is similar to what you see in any city in the world, reflecting not only the individual tastes but issues such as zoning regulations, ecology and energy consumption.

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