Social Cooperation

viajeBoth Thailand and Mexico have eagerly followed up on several economic, social and development issues. Both countries give priority in providing equal opportunities for people, especially job creation in rural areas, promotion of small and medium enterprises, with the main objective of increasing the level of quality of life for people in general and better income distribution.

Regarding economic policy, both Thailand and Mexico rely heavily on the export sector in the U.S. which is the main trading partner of both countries. The two nations also promote liberal economic policy which attaches importance to have free trade agreements and foreign investment. Currently, Mexico has already signed 12 FTAs with 32 countries, making it one of the few nations in the world with as many free trade agreements signed. In this respect Thailand has signed FTAs 8 and is in negotiations with theUnited Statesand the European Community. Furthermore, both countries offer incentives to attract foreign investment.Mexicobecause of its location and infrastructure has the advantage of attracting investment in the region of North America, on the other hand,Thailand with its skilled workforce, modern infrastructure and stable economy has the advantage in attracting foreign investment in the region of Asia. Furthermore, both countries have a comparative advantage in similar industries as automotive, electronics, processed food and beverages, textiles, footwear and tourism. All these factors help contribute and provide an opportunity for Mexico and Thailand to cooperate in various constructive ways to strengthen the solid aspects of each and build the competitiveness of each other through the media shared experience and exchange of knowledge and methods technical and technological.

Thailand Embassy in Mexico

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